The Lesser-Known Benefits of a Managed Office Space

August 28, 2018

Affordability, flexibility and productivity — that’s what the average managed office space offers to the new-age worker and team today. Beyond all the obvious advantages of a managed office, such as the reduced administrative responsibilities, affordable rent, infrastructure, amenities and customised offices, there are many hidden advantages as well, that you may not have been aware of.

Accessible locations and transportation

At managed office spaces, you get a brilliant office setup as well as a convenient location, all packaged into one. Skootr’s managed office spaces are set up in central locations across the city. These centres are accessible, located in premium business locations and give you access to all that you need for your business to grow.

In Delhi NCR, Skootr has centres in Connaught Place, Golf Course Road and Cyber City – Tower 9B, DLF Square and Infinity Tower A. There are centres in Jaipur and Hyderabad as well. These are ideally located for businesses, well connected by public transport and accessible by road.

Use before you choose

Many managed office spaces offer the option to book a tour and trial before making your decision. What better way to decide whether a space works for you than giving it a try? Skootr offers tours and trials to help you make up your mind and test out how the space works for your business or team.

You can schedule a visit to one of our many centres and our representatives will show you around so you can select the ideal office space for you.

Moreover, you and your team can work from our space for a while to get used to the space and then make your decision accordingly.

Specialist facilities such as video conferencing and technical support

Along with technical support, we offer you video conference services. Never again will you have to get into the hassles of setting up video conferencing equipment, or keep up with the changing technologies. Book our conference rooms and equipment as per your requirement, and enjoy our specialist services.

We also offer high-speed Wi-Fi and a lease line with failover and have a 24-hour power backup — unlimited and reliable connectivity for a high-powered team!

Motivating environment which sparks creativity

Creativity is unleashed when you can have conversations with like-minded people as well as people who think differently. At co-working spaces you mix with people from all kinds of businesses, with diverse backgrounds. This exposure to novel ideas and information you wouldn’t have known otherwise could just spark your next innovation.

Our managed office spaces are designed to have open spaces and cafeterias to encourage networking and connections. Join Skootr to expand your horizons, and unleash that creativity!

Scalability at the same office address — no new visiting cards required

You no longer have to choose the perfect office right away. With managed office spaces, you can scale up as your organisation expands. We provide co-working desks, managed office spaces, private offices and customized layouts — just upgrade your requirements, as your needs evolve. All of this without the need to change your address. How convenient is that!

Better time management

All in all, managed office spaces offer all the benefits of dedicated office space while helping you use your time more effectively. With flexibility in timings and facilities, you choose what works for you and your team. Skootr locations are open around the clock, so if some of you are night owls, there’s something for you too!

Once you’re working out of a managed office space, the time you spend on your desk becomes more valuable and productive, and you still have time to do the things you love. For instance, you can take advantage of in-house health and fitness facilities. You can manage your time better and strike that work-life balance that you have been striving for, without compromising results or productivity.

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