What is Build-Operate-Transfer?


Build-Operate-Transfer Explained

All you need to know about BOT?

The Build Operate Transfer model is a project delivery method and investment model predominantly used for infrastructure. In such a project, an organization constructs a facility, designs and manages a space for other businesses.

It is a contractual relationship between the company that is providing the services and the business hiring the service provider. The service not only takes away the hassle of directing time and energy on setting up a place, but it also optimizes company processes, helps run a smoother business and proves to be a profitable option.

How do we fit in and make for a perfect fit!

Skootr offices are redefining the way workspaces look, feel and function. We provide premium managed office spaces that are fully customized, hassle-free, personally managed and equipped with best in class services and facilities.

As a complete solutions provider, Skootr FinSave offers ‘fitout-as-a-service and leasing of IT assets, allowing companies to enjoy tax arbitrage and improved tax ratios. Our wet lease and dry lease services empower companies to experience smooth operations at an optimized cost.

Wet Lease Service
Design. Build. Lease.

We handle the complete management of company operations, such as execution, designing, financing and servicing. We take care of the management of business operations and facility administration. This allows companies to pay regular rentals instead of paying for ownership of fit-out, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Dry Lease Service
Flexi-Design, Execution. Lease.

We provide lease capital for fit-out fixtures and essentials from vendors, with the complete design and execution as per the company specifications and beliefs. We assume the risk of asset in residual value. This takes away the accountability of maintenance and upkeep from the company, leading to stress-free operations.

In a fast paced environment, where companies are leaning towards flexibility, profitability and growth, BOT model acts as a crucial service that lets companies enjoy facilities and services without having to invest in depreciating assets through flexible contracts with low risks and without the hassle of ownership.

Written By: Meghna Mitra
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