What is Managed Office Space? And is it Right for Your Business?

Is managed office space the right move for your business.

What is a managed office space?

A managed office space is a space that is built with the intention of giving the prospective occupant more control over the environment they are working in. The office space is curated and designed to incorporate the needs and requirements of the occupant. Such offices come with a pre-built structure, installed with basic amenities and in most cases day to day managerial services are taken care of. They are in most cases, leased to a business for a given period of time, during which the maintenance and upkeep is taken care of.

Find out if this model works for your business!

Starting out - If you are a startup and have recently started your operations, moving into a managed office space might be a wise choice. Not only can you enjoy financial benefits with various leasing options, one can also control how you decide to segregate and spend on company costs. From what kind of amenities to invest in and what services to spend on, this type of office model gives you the freedom to create a workspace that is in sync with your needs.

Flexibility - Managed office space contracts can be negotiated as per company requirements. It gives you the flexibility when it comes to deciding what kind of space and the duration you require it for. Whether your business grows or decreases in size, you always have the option of quickly moving to a smaller or larger space that is suitable for your operations. If you are an established organization, longer agreements can be worked upon, giving more security.

Control over aesthetics - The design and the aesthetic environment you create in the office is key to one’s productivity. The way a place looks subconsciously affects one's mood at work. If you’re someone who wants an office to speak of the brand ethos and beliefs, managed office space is perfect for you. From furniture to lighting to the color scheme, it’s all under your control; think of the office as a blank canvas that you can work on as per your business needs.

Eased up accounting - If one of your requirements is to shell out less capital upfront, managed office spaces have contracts in place to help you ease out your finances. With a variety of payment plans, the contracts created by managed office spaces come with no hidden or sudden costs, allowing businesses to structure their budget with confidence.

All in all, if you are a small business or a large enterprise, if the above factors match your current requirements, then a managed office space is a safe bet for your organization. Not only does it give you the time and space to focus on your work and profit, it also lets you work from a space that is created as per your needs, with offerings and services to help your company run smoothly and grow.

Written by: Meghna Mitra
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