How office design can help promote workplace well-being

August 24, 2021

The spaces people inhabit have a profound impact on their psyche. An average office-goer spends about 8-12 waking hours each day, meaning the majority of their day is spent at their desk.

Hence, customizing your office design to cater to the needs of your employees is one of the greatest tools companies can use to boost their productivity.

But what features constitute a healthy workplace? Here are some ways an office design can supplement employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Natural Elements Increase Work Output

The Question & Retain (Q&R) annual Pulse survey showed that having a workspace with ample natural light was important to 75.8% of the employees surveyed. Factors like ambient sounds and having some greenery around can improve employee engagement by a wide margin.

Having an engaged workforce ensures that you’re not just putting in the hours but also obtaining desired results. Natural Elements also instil positivity amongst everybody in the office creating a motivating environment.

Layout Decides the Approach  

Corporate culture comes with a hierarchy in employee structure. This tends to create communication barriers amongst teams and can even lead to internal tussle.

Having an open layout keeps the way for honest communication open. It increases loyalty towards the company amongst employees and helps them produce the best output cumulatively.

One of the greatest downsides of remote work or Work from home(WFH) is that it kills the social bonds between colleagues. Working in an open layout office provides people with the opportunity to build stronger connections that translate to better collaborations.

Amenities Boost Morale  

Equipping the office with trending amenities not only enhance its functionality but also makes working easier for the employees.

Something as simple as a high-quality coffee machine can make everybody’s day better at the office and in turn enhance the quality of their work.

Thus, this effect is even more pronounced when the space is furnished with world-class resources.

Combining Ergonomics for Better Performance

Mastering the art of productivity through infrastructural modulations is an indispensable part of Ergonomics. A study by the Draugiem Group found that employees who take small breaks after approximately an hour of work are consistently more productive than their peers and do not complain about burning out as often.

Having “break rooms” in the offices specially designated for relaxation along with desks that let employees alternate between sitting positions can create an immense difference in their work speed. It can kill two birds with a single stone i.e. high work performance and happier teams.


A state-of-the-art office design is a must when trying to yield optimum pay-offs, but you don’t need to drain your finances to achieve it.

Skootr helps enterprises locate, equip, and maintain office spaces that aid growth and preserve company culture at feasible prices. Where you work dictates how you work so make sure you’ve got the best services backing you and your workforce.

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