Fun ideas to welcome your team back to office

September 15, 2021

Most enterprises had to shift to Work from Home (WFH) owing to the Coronavirus pandemic but it’s time to start fresh once again.

A lot of your employees might have gotten used to working from the comfort of their beds so it’s essential to start on the right foot and make the transition smooth for everybody involved.

Going the extra mile to welcome your team back to the office can serve as a morale booster and bonding experience that yields better overall performance and healthier work culture.


Here are some ideas you can incorporate to make the return both enjoyable and easy for your staff.

Update Resources and Amenities  

Most offices have stayed closed for over a year which calls for thorough office maintenance and updates to equipment. Skootr provides all-encompassing office management services and makes sure that your workspace is equipped with best-in-class amenities in pristine condition.

You can also avail Fitout As A Service to add new furniture, cafes, partitions, and much more to your office.

Entering into an office filled with resources that support and enhance their productivity is bound to make your team excited!

Increase Flexibility in Work Methods

It can’t be ignored that the times have changed and hence, post-WFH your team might still prefer the flexibility that their previous style of work warranted.

Be open to creative time management and extended breaks as long as it doesn’t hinder the business.

Not only will this develop a sense of trust within the group but also help you absorb all the advantageous parts of your remote work days into daily practice.  

Hold Friendly Competitions  

Playing fun games can be a great ice-breaker for members of team old and new. Hold potluck competitions, scavenger hunts, or even a lemon and spoon race at the end of the day.

The idea is to spread some laughs and make people comfortable with the change. Do not forget to gift the winners with a little token of appreciation and let team bonding ensue.

Bring in Delicious Treats  

There’s nothing better than being greeted with a fresh cup of coffee, a sandwich, and even some donuts at work. Edible treats are a great way of sprinkling some merriment without causing a massive dent in your business’s budget. You can get a new F&B partner that better suits everybody’s palate or install a vending machine on the premises.

A study published in the British Journal of Health and Psychology also stated that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is known to increase the happiness and productivity of participants. So, do not refrain from going the healthy route either!


Going back to the workplace after a long hiatus can be overwhelming for some. Skootr helps you curate the perfect work environment for your team so that they can get into the rhythm of office life once again. Reboot your functioning with our managed offices so that we take care of all our infrastructural and operational needs while you can focus on elevating your business.

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