Advantages of choosing the managed office spaces

March 30, 2021

In the last five years or so, the concept of managed offices has gained mass popularity among progressive companies. Managed office spaces have been fast gaining popularity among large corporates, startups and freelancers in the last decade.

The idea of blending ergonomics with a touch of nature to boost productivity kickstarted a new trend in the office spaces.

According to a JLL report, 30% of all office space will be consumed by managed and flexible office spaces by 2030. Needless to say, the concept of managed office space revolutionized the way organizations perceived workspaces.

With the new normal settling in and organisations reassessing their office’s original space requirements, it has been observed that a Managed office is set to gain greater significance with its holistic package of services. Let’s dive into the reasons and see how Skootr is creating a niche for a need that’ll change the dynamics of premium managed offices in India.



Skootr’s Reverse Office Model offers enterprises a seamless way to scale up or down their office space while cutting down on heavy rentals, long-term leases, and saving overhead costs on administration and maintenance.

Not only this, your space, operational expenses and all bills are covered by a single routine payment which is completely hassle-free. Enterprises can utilize their capital funds for innovation, growth and expansion rather than keeping it stuck in real estate.  

Fully customizable

Skootr understands that enterprises need to evolve their workspace requirements as they expand and consolidate. Thus, it gives enterprises the power to be what they want to be. The serviced managed offices are fully customized to reflect the ethos and pathos of the company.

With luxurious interiors and unconventional design concepts, Skootr believes in ‘going the extra mile’ for their clients by designing workspaces that are flexible, functional and create a positive work environment while keeping the company culture intact.

Premium Locations

The location of an office is more critical than what most enterprises believe. A well-connected location can significantly boost a company’s long-term performance and growth.

Managed offices are built in strategically selected commercial areas which offer the benefit of networking, well-connectivity and competitive advantage.

Connected Amenities

You’ll never have to worry about office administration and maintenance again with managed office spaces. Workspaces are equipped with ergonomically efficient, cutting edge technology, spacious lounge areas, cafeteria, IT support, administration and maintenance services so that the enterprise can direct its focus on major business activities and growth potential.

Skootr Offices, a specialist in designing premium managed workspaces incorporates intelligent design concepts such as Neo-Art Deco, Biophilia, RAY which create a minimalist, luxurious and natural environment with functional interiors, aromatic fragrances, lush greenery, natural light sources that improve employees productivity and well-being.


Premium managed offices are transforming the face of the office sector and enabling enterprises with the necessary tools to focus on their core business activities and drive growth and development without worrying about office management, rigid lease structures and capital expenditures.

While enterprises continue to navigate the shift to office models due to the pandemic, we believe the need for pre-built offices, lease flexibility, advanced technology and superior infrastructure will continue to increase.

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