Restructure your costs into growth capital without any hassle.

Skootr’s Reverse Office model offers enterprises a seamless way to scale up or down and consolidate without worrying about changing trends. From financial agility to better risk mitigation, the Reverse Office model gives the freedom to optimize costs in the toughest of times.

Reverse with Anchor

Reverse with Anchor

This model minimizes the costs on the existing lease of an enterprise by taking up their entire portfolio and signing a new lease where the enterprise gets to retain the office space they need from the entire area and the remaining area is subleased through Skootr.



This model offers an ideal solution for large enterprises looking to consolidate offices spread over a vast geographical area to accommodate the manpower at one place and save on the operational costs.

Reverse & Relocate

Reverse & Relocate

This model works for enterprises who are aiming to reduce their rental payments considerably by shifting their office to a nearby location which promises lower rentals.


All our centres are compliant with international safety and security standards

costs Optimize overhead and maintenance costs

Zero Hassle Zero Hassle of Paperwork

Enhance Enhance financial agility

no time Get off the ground in no time

scale Increase flexibility to scale as needed

lock-ins Get rid of stringent lock-ins

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