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We are grateful to our clients for believing in our vision. As they continue to grow with us, we strive to achieve greater heights with them by our side.

We had expansion plans for the India office and the complete group was planning to have services in India. The office is designed based on our New York and London office and Skootr was really helpful while we shared our plans with them, the kind of amenities we wanted with the IT Infrastructure. The day we moved in, it was flawless.

Parul Sharma
HR Director

"Initially, we were a little skeptical about the timelines coupled with the DLF building regulations- it all seemed a bit challenging to get an office within a span of 30 days. Once we met with Skootr's passionate team, each day we became very confident- as the team was highly responsive to our requests and helped us save critical operational time and upfront capital investment.

Regional Manager

What intrigued me was the unique concept that they have brought into India wherein they were ready to build an office to our liking at our pricing, taking away the entire cost, making the entire thing bearable. I have seen it evolve right from its design stage to what it is right now. It speaks about the hard work which has gone into it.

Bhavesh Gupta

In my first meeting with Skootr, I was really impressed by the founders. It is led by a team who is extremely passionate to deliver something which is unparalleled. I really think that they are changing the landscape  of office real estate with their innovation and creativity.

Akash Nahata

The best part about working with Skootr is their understanding. The workspace promotes an open culture with collaborative areas, breakout zones, wellness rooms, and no walls. Additionally, our employees enjoy managed office space with F&B services.

Rohit Chennamaneni
Co Founder, Darwinbox

Sondrel is expanding in India, and we chose Skootr as a partner to take away the hassle of managing our office. Skootr handles office management exceptionally. Process was well communicated with weekly updates. We are delighted with their services.

Lee Thomas
Chief Operating Officer, Sondrel

The Wabi-Sabi approach is felt throughout our office in India, where curves meet straight lines, and the organic colours are in fusion with our saturated brand colour. Skootr managed the project from A to Z, bringing our vision to reality with the help of their top experts and constructors.

Ilan Dray
Senior Director, Global Brand Experience, Aqua Security

Our office design reflects our culture, values, and vision of vibrant Bharat. The experience was fantastic, with spacious aisles, vibrant colors, private booths, and collaborative workspaces. Our office feels very different from other contemporary offices. Skootr delivered exactly what we wanted in record time, and I appreciate their hard work.

Khushroo Panthaky
Office Managing Partner, Grant Thornton

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