We're living in the day and age of technology where automation is leading the way. The need to redefine, reimagine and restructure office spaces is sweeping the commercial real estate industry. Companies, today, have widened their horizon and are working towards creating a safe and conducive environment that's ready for the new normal in every way possible.

The App Benefit

The Skoor One App offers a complete solution for managed offices. With its highly secured, robust, and user-friendly interface, it creates a unique and seamless user experience.

Pre-booking of visitor parking, Auto check-in

Touchless Covid-19 Self-Declaration

Meeting room booking

Community event updates

Ordering food from cafeteria

Data privacy and security complaint

Raise and track complaints and issues

Third party offers and salary credit information

Skootr One App


The SAP Benefit

Real-time project tracking system for clients

Facilitates effective collaboration between teams, ensuring timely delivery of project

Approval and reporting system for internal teams and clients

Tracking live facility management