Top five hacks for you to increase your workspace productivity

May 22, 2021

It has been proven time and again that human beings are remarkably adaptive by nature. The first step towards improving productivity is implementing change in one's behaviour. We are also a creature of habit, easily inclined towards doing things we are comfortable with. Productivity hacks are very similar to picking a career; you weigh your strengths and weaknesses and decide what may work best for you. We've listed a few hacks that will surely get the ball rolling!

> Eat the frog

This method says one should tackle the most intimidating task of the day and then go on with the remaining tasks on the list. Getting on with your work is only possible by setting yourself up for the day and ensuring you have the required energy and bandwidth. Keep in mind the kind of day you'll have and prepare yourself accordingly. Once you are done with the difficult and most time-consuming work, your mind will be at peace, and the rest will flow naturally.

> Be realistic about your daily goals

While it is charming and admirable to be ambitious with your goals, it is also necessary to be practical and realistic. You want to avoid having ten half-done tasks at the end of the day, so plan the things that can realistically be done in a given time and dedicate yourself to doing them to the best of your ability. Once you have aced a number of tasks in a given time, you can gradually increase the amount of workload as you get more confident and precise with your work.

> Task management tools for the win

Find a task management tool that goes well with your workflow. Management tools come with many features and benefits that can be customized per your requirement. It saves time and aligns things for you for a smoother work day. Not only does this benefit you, but you can also add your team members to it to keep a tab on shared tasks and goals.

> Stay away from the buzzing

This might be a hard one, but it is an important one! Take a break from your notifications and websites that might distract you. It is easy to fall prey to your phone, especially social media. It starts with a buzz, and soon you find yourself scrolling for 15 minutes in the middle of work. Assign yourself certain breaks for when you can check your phone and view your favourite websites. You will be surprised by how much work one can do in the time otherwise spent mindlessly scrolling on their phone.

> Work in bursts

Working for extra hours, staying in the office late, sitting for hours at a stretch and losing sleep to achieve goals is so last season. In fact, it is advisable to take short breaks during work to be more attentive and productive. Breaks as short as two minutes are good enough to get you the mental energy required to perform your tasks well. Think of it like a reboot for your brain, positively impacting your output for the day.

While these hacks will considerably impact your productivity at work, making these changes is a process that can take time. Give yourself the space and time to adapt and, most importantly, enjoy the journey of implementation.

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