Your next office move: A guide to office relocation

September 2, 2021

Whether you’re looking to upscale your workspace or moving to derive the optimum returns from your infrastructural investment, office relocation can be quite a hectic event for everybody involved.

A recent survey by Clutch shows that office relocation can have a positive impact on 68% of the employees so it’s undoubtedly a great way to boost productivity and in turn, business growth.

To make sure that your move not only goes down smoothly but also yields the desired outcomes, here is a brief guide you can swear by for your next office relocation.

Choose the Right Space

This one is a no-brainer. As important as intuition is for picking the right office space, you need to do your research. List out your requirements specifically and only look for offices that fulfil these needs. If you’re looking for a long-term settlement then remember that your office management team is going to be just as important as the space you choose. Refer to our guide to find out the top cities for flexible office spaces in India.  

Take into consideration not just the current state of your company but also its future goals. If you’re sure of harbouring a bigger team within a couple of years down the line then you need to have the room for it early on.

Keep Your Finances in Check

One of the most crucial factors while moving offices is how the space of your choice complements your finances. Thus, it’s better to have a budget in mind beforehand. Leasing an office space is always easier and more budget-friendly compared to buying it due to a lack of flexibility.

Landing up in rigid lease structures that drain your funds can be very inconvenient too as they hinder you from investing more in other aspects of your business.

Skootr FinSave helps enterprises get workplaces equipped with world-class amenities under flexible lease structures.  Firms can avail premium fit-outs without owning them and hence, enjoy tax arbitrage along with reduced financial obligations.

Communicate with All Parties Involved

Office relocation requires you to communicate with multiple internal and external sources. You need to discuss the upcoming move with your team and plan according to current project engagements. Brief the various departments about how they might have to cope up with the change and delegate tasks accordingly.

Officially notify your landlord about the vacancy to stay on top of any property damages your company might be responsible for. Do not forget to collect your security deposit. It’ll also be helpful to frame up a master list of people who need to be informed of a change in the address for your firm.

Compare Quotes and Do Final Checks

Most likely you’ll need a moving company to help you shift resources and equipment from your current office to the new one so don’t forget to compare quotes by multiple companies before you sign up with one to strike the best deal.

Once the move is all done, run a detailed check on the facilities promised and carry out a seamless exchange of keys, passes, cards, etc.


Office relocations might seem challenging at first glance but they’re definitely worth the effort. As long as you’re planning the whole procedure at least 3-6 months in advance and have a good support team by your side, it will act as a positive reinforcement for your enterprise.

Skootr can act as the backbone of your moving process and new infrastructural arrangement. Our combined expertise in the office management and workspace leasing sector lets you focus on growing your business while we invest, build, and operate your office.

Contact us today and explore our exclusive leasing and financing services!!

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