Why is there a rising need of social breakout zones in offices?

September 3, 2019

Where there is excitement and fun at work, high-performance teams thrive.

This thought has led to the metamorphosis of workspaces in the west and is steadily growing in the Indian office design as well. It has given birth to a separate relaxing and chillout space in offices known as the social breakout zone. Such zones encourage people to take a break from being glued to their laptop screens or chasing deadlines as they can relax and be at their own comfort.

Office design is evolving to blur the line between residences and workspaces. We are social creatures and we want to have interactions with others.

Especially millennials want to be associated with an organization that has a sociable workplace and a high level of flexibility and diversity. Youth seek more comfort at work to have the best experience.

The best workplaces are known to be magnets for the best talent pool. Enterprises should make every effort to provide their employees with everything they need at the workplace.

The Evolving Social Space

One thing which has developed from the need to have an authentic and familiar surrounding at the workplace is the blooming of social breakout zones.

Social zones may be open areas with soft seating and soft lighting or even casual cafes in the office where people can have their meals and also sit and spend some time with themselves, read books or engage in social conversations.

These zones boost the wellness of people at work and also promote organic conversations and socialising amongst people.

Having a nicely designed breakout space can solve multiple purposes at the workplace. The organisations which have adopted these spaces are already reaping the benefits.

The Third Space

Social zones at workspaces are commonly referred to as the third space because they bring together the best aspects of home and office with the perfect blend of comfort and ease of working.

People can eat, drink, be merry and also engage in effective work at such spaces which have emerged to be the third space. The third space gives a true feeling that employees have stepped out from the worrisome office space for a real break.

Impromptu Conversations be the best

People are known to have some of the most interesting conversations and spark creative ideas at places that are the most unconventional.

Even informal meetings and discussions may happen at random places which surprisingly speeds up the work.

The pulse of these chanced happenings have been the central idea leading to the design of social breakout zones.

Bringing the outside world in

Social spaces are known to nurture people. Everyone loves to be outdoors in open green spaces. Breakout zones are designed to bring the feel of outdoors inside the workplace.

Biophilic design is inspired by the greenery and calmness of nature. It makes people relax at work and enhance their mindfulness which directly impacts the bottom line for any organisation. It serves as a reboot for people at work.

Say goodbye to Isolation

Advancement in technology and online collaboration has almost negated the need for people to interact with each other.

This had led to a rise in the loneliness of people at the workplace. They feel isolated with no one to have a meaningful conversation with.

Social spaces have very well solved this problem of isolation at the workplace.

Making the workspace more agile

Social zones have become an essential part of modern agile workspaces. The diversity of work that agile spaces facilitate is reflected in the social breakout zones.

People use such zones not just for relaxing or having their food but also as alternative workstations to the traditional desks.

Often one can find individuals sitting with their laptops and working sitting on the couches of the social zone. This kind of flexibility at work brings more joy to people and influences their creativity and productivity. Work becomes more of an activity rather than just being a place in an agile environment.

If you find social breakout zones inspiring and would love to have the gratification of your employees, feel free to get in touch with the top consultants of luxurious office spaces to get an agile workspace for your organization.

Ultimately what should matter to you is that your team is at its productive best, grows holistically and delivers high results. And social spaces make this work easier for you!

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