Unlock the secret to an enhanced workspace experience

August 28, 2018

The happiness of employees at work is the key to the success and growth of a company. It is possible to achieve this better when your workspace also radiates happiness. The office design, layout and culture together play a vital role in maximizing this experience. If you see a drop in productivity or enthusiasm in your team, you may have to think of upgrading your environment at work. Here are some simple yet highly effective ways through which you can provide a delightful and experiential workspace to your employees, to enhance their productivity and overall well-being:

Wellness Initiatives at Work

People at work have an increased feeling of association with their employer when they are engaged in activities apart from their regular schedule. In present times, wellness initiatives are must-haves rather than might-haves at any organisation, be it big or small. Employers can think of various programs like conducting Yoga or Zumba sessions, stress management workshops, having a dedicated dietician, focusing on ergonomic design and many more.

Workstations with more personalisation

Everyone loves it when their surroundings have things which help them express their personality at work. Small things matter such as family pictures, memoirs or notes from travels, certificates of achievements or even their favourite mug or items of desk décor, whatever makes them happy.  It brings a “feel-good factor” to them and they gain psychological comfort which leads them to deliver their best at work. Organisations should encourage the personalisation of spaces to see the results of increased belongingness and visual ice-breaking with the environment in which people work.

Out of the Box facilities

You can elevate the workspace experience by having facilities which people appreciate, such as making the office pet-friendly or having a dedicated creche where mothers can bring their babies and they will be given the best care. These things would otherwise have pre-occupied the thoughts of the employees and ultimately affect their productivity. When the organisation takes care of such needs, the team members feel more connected and dependent on the organisation for their day-to-day lives.

Activity-based spaces

Even the highest-performing employees cannot sit at their desk and work for the entire stretch of 8-10 hours. They need to move around the office space for a change and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Modern-day offices have seen a rise of activity-based spaces to increase the flexibility of work. These spaces emulate the natural pattern of people using different spaces in their everyday life to perform different tasks. Dedicated areas for meetings, collaboration, brainstorming or recreation allows people to be on their toes and not get stuck to just one place for the entire day. This also leads to optimum utilisation of spaces which encourages the collaborative work between different people and teams.

Add more natural lighting

Bright minds at work are also lovers of bright and sunlit spaces. Research says that having more of natural lighting at workplaces adds up to the energy of people, improves their quality of sleep and even physical activity. Offices having windows with natural light coming in are said to receive 173% more exposure to white light. This helps people to get better sleep of 46 more minutes every night.

Incorporating these ideas at your workspace can foster the growth and well-being of the employees. They feel more creative and thus are willing to go the extra mile for their work.

In case you want to upgrade to a customized office with state-of-the-art facilities and provide a wholesome experience to every individual at work, feel free to get in touch with Skootr’s consultants who take care of every minute detail of your requirement to provide the best workspace experience to your organisation.

In today’s context, offices are not just about real estate. They are emerging as communication and branding elements and the progressive organisations should take benefit of leveraging the experiences and liveliness of the workspaces.

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