Skootr Spotlight – Changing the landscape of managed office spaces

February 17, 2021

Debuting in Hyderabad with eclectic design themes across all the three offices.

The face of India’s office sector is evolving at a rapid pace. From urbanisation of Indian cities to the rise of megastructures to the introduction of various new policies and provisions favouring the growth of a strong commercial real estate in the country; these factors provide a strong ground for the sector to continue developing.

Managed office space solutions have emerged as a separate asset class and have grown from 5% in 2016-17 to 15% in 2019. This segment is still expected to contribute around 10% of the overall demand in 2021 and 2022.

Currently leading managed office provider, Skootr manages over 2.12 lakh sq. ft. office space spread across 6 centres in Delhi, Gurugram and Jaipur. Now with Skootr leasing 3.25 lakh sq ft office space in Hyderabad, its portfolio has doubled to a total of 5.37 lakh sq. ft. office space. Divided into three centres, each centre is differentiated from the other in terms of decor themes and ambience.

Dallas Center

The lockdown has altered our point of view towards life. Less became more and luxury got a new lease of life. A similar kind of renaissance occurred in the mindsets of people before World War I – which led to the birth of Art Deco.

The concept was drenched in luxury and exuberance. Neo art deco is our flagship design concept for our eclectic clients.

For Dallas, Skootr office spreads across 30,267 Sq. Ft. approx. the area with premium design, state of the art facilities.

While the idea here is to bring back the luxurious charm of Art Deco, it is also to stay relevant with the functionality and the rise of modern minimalism in premium managed office spaces in India. Hence, Neo Art Deco.

RMZ Futura Building

The Biophilic design refers to the inclusion of nature within the corporate setting to increase productivity and decrease stress. In the last five years or so, the commercial real estate industry has seen a boom in the rise of biophilic designed workspaces.

In RMZ Futura, Skootr has the entire Tower C, spread across 1,20,840 Sq. Ft. approx. area, we’re taking this inspiration a step further with our Node concept.

According to the Node concept, the layouts are planned in a manner that they replicate the patterns of node points in connectivity or neural networks whether it is in tree mapping in forests or the synapses in the brain or in technology.

Our idea with this office is to create collaborative spaces that abound with natural elements as if to replicate the experience of walking into nature. The contemporary tropical ambience with minimal luxury will change the spatial dynamics of the corporate workspaces in India.

My Home Twitza

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has been an eye-opener for the world. We spent the entire 2020 clinging to hope. If there was a stock exchange that measured the value of hope – all of us who’d have invested in it would have been millionaires!

For My Home Twitza, which is spread across 1,15,819 Sq. Ft. approx. area, we’ve introduced the concept of RAY, which in many ways is born out of the insight – ‘as long as hope shines its RAYs on us, the world will be fine’.

RAY signifies light and energy. It is what allows us to see the world around us.  After the global shutdown, this concept is helping us navigate office spaces in the new light –  or the new normal.

We’ve taken lots of new and interesting elements into consideration to accentuate the new kind of office spaces in India. One of them is avoiding the use of materials with crevices for public spaces as they’re difficult to sanitize.

Another aspect we’ve taken special care of is the abundance of greenery within the office space. Why? Because green is the colour of tranquillity, which is imperative for hope to grow. Many studies have also suggested that the usage of green elements and water features across the office space create a positive and efficient environment.

How does design play an important role?

A good architectural design is crucial because it relates directly to the human experience.  Designing holds significance as it ensures habitat for a comfortable space as well as it is directly linked to basic patterns of interaction. Design of buildings and interiors with reference to the landscapes, communities and regions will modify keeping in mind the possibility of future natural phenomenon and disasters. The redesigned real estate strategies will ensure that the infrastructures continue to perform positively.

A recent Cornell study showed exposure to natural light in the workspace correlated with an 84% drop in health issues faced by employees. Incorporating biophilic and reducing clutter can make all the difference in your company’s overall functionality and wellbeing. Combining fundamental human necessities such as natural light exposure, green and organic elements with an interactive, social space is a powerful way to ensure the everyday working environment allows for productive and healthy employees.

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