Resimercial office space – the next big step in the evolution of office spaces

March 17, 2021

In the beginning, there was office space. Then came the cubicles followed by open workspaces – allowing people to plug and play. The world of commercial real estate was at its zenith when the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown changed the game forever. Home became the new office space. Zoom became the new meeting room and the internet – the lifeline. But something was still missing. As the new normal settled in, companies and employees started yearning for a workspace that was both homely and inspiring at the same time. The result? Resimerical design office spaces!

According to industry experts, resimercial office spaces are touted as the next big step in the evolution of premium managed office space. Made from the combination of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ – the concept is gradually gaining momentum and in the last few months has picked up the pace.

So here’s your guide to understanding why forward-thinking companies are gravitating towards this highly evolved concept of office space.

What is a Resimercial office?

Residential design brings aspects of home into a contemporary workplace making the office space comfortable and homier. This workplace design trend is fast gaining momentum as people have been working from home for a year and have found solace in their personalized spaces.

Resimercial furniture and design incorporate tactile textures, materials, accessories and human-centric multi-sensory elements.

Resimercial office design reduces stress, creates a well-balanced workspace that offers varied seating arrangements encouraging people to change postures, move around throughout the day and engage with their workplace.

Employees’ overall wellbeing

Stress and office life have always been considered correlated. For years, nobody even considered it to be a problem.

However, with advancements in technology, people’s outlook changed. Open workspaces introduced the concept of including nature into the office ecosystem to boost productivity.

Resimerical design takes this concept a step further by offering a home-like ecosystem where the employee is at his most relaxed state. This further creates a unique system of addressing mental health issues that were earlier overlooked as non-essential.

Space To Space Out

Distractions are good in moderation. While the earlier concepts of office space revolved around hardcore office work and nothing else, the resimerical office design is all about expanding one’s personal space with activities or installations that are extremely therapeutic.

They echo the sentiments of a home where you can sit, relax and be yourself without having to pretend to be productive. Incorporating Resimercial furniture does just that and more to the employees.

Stiffness No More

Traditional office spaces are notorious for their overly stiff professionalism that, at times, felt claustrophobic. Open spaces were created as a solution to this problem where the work culture and professionalism were completely redefined.

Resimerical designs are at the cusp of creating a very new and modern premium managed office space that’s rewriting the very DNA of professionalism according to the new normal.

Employees feel more at home – while maintaining the ethos, pathos and logos of the company.


The new normal is redefining the definition of premium managed office spaces. The rules of office engagement are changing as the roles of office spaces. As more companies invest in this evolution, we, at Skootr are aiming to explore a completely new design palette with a Resimercial touch.

This new approach will make the transition for employees much easier and more secure as they return from their new normal of work from home.  

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