Redefining office space with Skootr

February 10, 2021

Over the past years, the real estate sector has witnessed rapid growth in India. Consistent government initiatives and policies laid the groundwork for transparency and ease of doing business in the past few years. The year 2020 also began on a positive note, but the global pandemic disrupted supply chains and temporarily frayed hopes.

However, with the active distribution of the coronavirus vaccine and an encouraging response seen in the 3rd Quarter of last financial year, we can surely be optimistic about the sector’s growth prospects in 2021. A report by Colliers India highlighted that the commercial space absorption shot up to 58% for the quarter ended September 30th, 2020.

With safety and hygiene a major priority for employers, demand has shifted from Grade B offices to Grade A offices. Skootr is taking up 3.25 lakh sq ft of office space on lease in Hyderabad as part of its current expansion plan. The offices will cater to large multinational clients looking for customised office space where enterprises will get the benefits of a hassle-free, fully customised, flexible office space with a negligible capital expenditure with an additional focus on safety, sanitisation and contactless technology suiting the employees’ requirements.  

Health & Wellness

As offices reopen, maintaining health and wellness remains at the core of Skootr’s strategy. Under our Six is The Fix initative, we have installed sanitisation stations, contactless technology, air purifiers, medical rooms. Strict guidelines are issued at each centre that encapsulates the social distancing norms.


Skootr has come up with a model that focuses on a design with true functionality and aesthetics in place for the end-users. To enhance employee productivity, there are outdoor seating clusters and an art garden with multiple collaborative spaces revolving around nature ensuring a well-ventilated workspace.

Leaving behind the traditional spaces, some unconventional zones are provided for mutual interaction and recreation. Analysing the recent developments, behaviour patterns in how employees work and play, Skootr is meeting the future of workspaces demands by delivering bespoke offices that resonate with the aspirations of today’s dynamic corporate clan.


Skootr recognizes the importance and impact of technology in today’s workspaces and equipes workspaces with robust technology that provides enterprises the opportunity to widen their horizons and reach their growth potential.

SkootrOne App offers a complete solution for managed offices.  It offers a single platform with a host of value-added and office management services that save time and effort.


Our holistic package of real estate, design, community management, state-of-the-art facilities and technological innovation places will help us redefine and revolutionize the Indian commercial real estate sector in the coming future by cultivating unconventional approaches in workspaces.

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