Reasons to Choose Serviced Office Operators Over Conventional Leased Offices

October 8, 2018

Many businesses these days are opting for managed office spaces, customized offices, private offices, and co-working spaces over traditional leases with landlords.

To someone who may have invested and worked on building their own office space according to their requirements, a managed office space might seem like an unnecessary option at first glance. Why hire someone for something you can do on your own?

The reason is that there are many advantages of managed office spaces, customized offices, private offices, and co-working spaces including ones that can become a real asset to your company. Here are some features you can enjoy on choosing managed office spaces and bid goodbye to problems with traditional leases.  

Flexibility. With business, you may need to upscale or downscale in the next few months. Or maybe you’ll need to relocate, refurbish or change your office layout. Don’t let your space limit your organisation. A managed office space allows for the scope and flexibility for all possibilities. You don’t have to sign a long-term agreement and you don’t have to feel stuck in one office space for years and decades.

Managerial Assistance. Managed offices provide administrative staff, cleaning crew, building maintenance cost, and the works. They foot the electricity and water bills in most cases, and even set up the Wi-Fi connection for you. All you have to do is just get there and start working.

Furnishing. Managed offices come fully furnished, with customized spaces for co-working or individual desks.

Financial savings. You save the cost of brokerage, which can be a large one time investment. And rent for managed spaces is cheaper in major Indian cities as compared to traditional leases.

Skootr — India’s no.1 chain of Managed Offices and Co-Working Spaces offers all that has been mentioned above, and more.

Custom-designed office spaces. Whether you are an enterprise of multiple teams and 1000+ employees, a corporation of 200+ employees, a small start-up under 25, or a single person looking for a co-working desk or a private office, we have all the options available for you. We customise office spaces according to your specific needs and requirements. Need a spa or sauna to relax your employees? We’ll put one right in. And our expert designers will plan your space just how you like it.

Plug and play. We provide all the amenities you need to just open your laptop and begin work. No hassles of purchasing equipment and setting things up.

Convenient Locations. Skootr has offices in central and premium business locations to make sure you are close to everything you may need.

Check before you choose. With Skootr, you can schedule a visit to check out our office spaces and then make your decision. Our plans are flexible and convenient to meet your unique and changing requirements.

Networking. At Skootr, we have 3000+ members, and are growing. You will have access to a diverse community that fosters creativity and encourages knowledge sharing and cross-pollination of ideas.

With all these advantages over traditional office spaces, your business and your personal well-being get the push that it needs – to evolve, expand and grow. One feels more connected in a space that encourages community-building and sharing.

A managed office set up is the future, and Skootr can show you the way there.

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