Make every Rupee count with Skootr’s Custom Workspaces

October 5, 2019

“Wise spending is part of wise investing. And it’s never too late to start.”

                                                                                                                               -Rhonda Katz

One of the biggest decisions you need to make for your business is finding an office space that is at par with your aspirations. It plays a vital role in building the foundation of your success story.

The search for a workspace that aligns with your business needs is exciting but can get tiring as well, at a point. If a hurried decision is made, it can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. You may get caught up in lease terms that are not favorable to your budget and capital expenditure.

Even if you have an already established office set up and think of relocating to a better and bigger space for your business, it is a challenging task. It can affect the growth pace and even your team needs time to adjust themselves to the new space.

Keeping the above hassles in mind which are common in the office space selection and finalization process, Skootr has come up with the concept of Office Space Outsourcing which helps you avoid wasting your good money in the bad lease terms and you get a custom workspace specially designed to align with your goals and dreams. This is a breakthrough in the commercial real estate industry and you get benefitted without having to lock up your hard-earned money!

Let us start by having a better understanding of the dynamics at play in a real estate search for leading businesses with Skootr-

Get the workspace of your dreams

State-of-the-art facilities in your workspace and luxury dripping at every corner, who doesn’t want that! Better comfort, cutting-edge technology, and increased productivity of teams are what everyone desires for their speedy growth. And oh, the most premium business locations which no growth-oriented organization can ever resist!

You can have it all, we have heard you. Your success should definitely reflect in your workspace. Skootr makes this possible for you, that too in your budget!

Save your precious time, opt for Office Space Outsourcing

“Time is money” never loses its significance. Especially when you, being at the top of the management ladder, have to pay close attention to all of the crucial things going around in your organisation. In this scenario, Office Space Outsourcing is a blessing in disguise where you can simply give away your real estate requirements to Skootr.

You get to channelise all your time and focus on your core business needs while Skootr provides you with your vibrant office space for your teams and business to flourish.

Stay away from the hassles of long term lease

It’s okay if you’ve made money mistakes in the past. And if it is your first time in an office space search, it’s still good. Skootr makes sure that you do not have to lock in your capital and be bound by the complex terms of long term commercial lease.

Not only this, you get immense capital saved for better investment in research, development and innovation for your organisation. With all of this, you have an impressive workspace just the way you have always wanted it to be!

Bring in More Flexibility

There has been a rising demand for flexibility in the current times in most of the things we do. We, as humans, no longer want to be bound psychologically and physically by the age-old norms and practices.

This is your chance to break free and embrace the flexibility of workspace design and the flexibility of payment plans with Skootr. You get to reap the maximum benefits of productive spaces for your work at a single cost for the property without having to worry about office management, fit-outs, or any add-on expenditure.

With your strategic decision-making, select the best option from various payment plans to fit your budget and stay hassle-free for all your workspace requirements.

Don’t end up under-leasing or over-leasing space

With the rapid growth of your company, you ought to have plans of expansion in terms of talent pool and workspace. Skootr keeps the flexibility of space demands as its utmost priority for all clients looking for office spaces. So you can avail yourself of the benefit of just the perfect space needed for your organisation without having to give it a second thought. Even in times when you think of shrinking your workspace or downsizing it, Skootr does it professionally by providing you a wholesome value for space. Thus, you save the worries and monetary losses of under-leasing or over-leasing of commercial space by outsourcing your requirements.

In the rapidly evolving marketplace, you develop expertise to pace up with the needs and demands of your business. This involves a lot of expenditure and strategic financial planning. You would not want to spend your money where you do not yield high and lucrative returns in the long run.

Simply put, office space outsourcing gives a clear picture of how you can cut down the risk of your capital expenditure by opting for the fully-managed workspaces by Skootr. So make a smart move and get more power and control over your high-value resources now and in the future.

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