How Skootr has revolutionized Indian real estate by introducing Workspace-as-a-Service.

December 10, 2019

In an era where co-working spaces are booming in every single corner of the world, Skootr, a leading commercial real estate brand in India has gone beyond the ordinary! A breakthrough in the concept of premium serviced offices, Skootr has brought about a massive revolution by introducing what is known as Workspace-as-a-Service in India.


The concept of “workspace-as-a-service” was developed after identifying a big gap in service between the corporate tenants and the commercial space owners. In the current real estate scenario, there arose a need to match the exact space requirements along with services which make the day-to-day operations of the organisations hassle-free.

Long gone are the days when companies had to spend months to find a new workspace and then take more time to start functioning smoothly. Further, space planning would require the creation of the right kind of atmosphere for the employees and the flexibility of working. The time-taking process would hamper their business routine and again they would have to adjust to the new work environment.

This paved the way for premium turnkey workspaces which could be acquired by companies in the least time duration. Further, these workspaces would be fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, modern design and the best ergonomics for the comfort and delight of employees.

360-Degree Workspace Solutions

Workspace-as-a-service is a concept which has evolved to provide 360-degree workspace solutions to the organisations. This includes modern interiors, theme-based design, high-tech conference rooms, telephone booths, lounges, cafeteria and even expert chefs who prepare gourmet cuisine at call. Not only this, every workspace has designated experts who handle all the operations seamlessly, be it concierge, tech support, community management, etc.

The journey of premium workspace experience starts with space search, designing luxury workspaces, driving the brand culture and also managing the day-to-day office activities. The end-to-end solutions which Skootr provides, ensure that organisations get the best value for everything they pay for.

Pioneers of the Newest Workspace Revolution

The founders of Skootr, being in the real estate sector for more than a decade now, observed that there is a greater need for providing advanced services in this sector, apart from just office buildings. To combat this problem, they came up with the idea of Workspace-as-a-Service which fills the silos in the commercial real estate in India.

Challenging people’s imaginations, being the thought leaders in the commercial real estate and reshaping how people commonly look at the workspace scenario is what Skootr is best known for.

Workspaces today are no more about just providing a place to sit and work. They are more about providing a wholesome and enriching experience to people at work. Skootr has taken this thought very seriously and built upon the concept of premium serviced workspaces for the modern organisational needs.

How does Skootr do it?

  • Skootr enhances the office search experience for people by providing them with workspaces on the go, just the way they want it to be. This eliminates the need for corporates to spend hefty amounts of money and valuable time in search of the perfect office space.

  • Unlike coworking spaces, these custom workspaces ensure that the visual brand identity of organizations become enhanced and the employees get a high degree of inspiration from where they work.

  • Not only this, Skootr reduces the common frictions between real estate and the property owners, brokers and the occupants. They create a seamless platform which provides attractive monetary benefits to all the concerned parties as well as the best use and search of space for them. The end result is that the landlords have the best space utilization and the tenants also get value for money with a brilliant workspace.

  • The team of Skootr also keeps in mind that organisations should always have room to grow, literally. For this, they provide maximum flexibility in case companies want to scale up or scale down their space needs. The entire process is hassle-free and the space requirement is perfectly met with.

Thus, Skootr’s Workspace-as-a-Service carves a distinct niche in the real estate market by designing premium fully-managed workspaces, delivering end-to-end solutions and providing a wholesome workspace experience for growth-oriented firms and entities.

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