How leasing office space 360 degrees is the next new normal?

May 7, 2021

In a time when the managed office sector is continuously evolving and changing the way we perceive workspaces, Skootr Offices came up with a new venture Skootr FinSave, a financial service model offering 360-degree leasing solutions to large and mid-sized corporations.

Skootr FinSave

The concept of ‘Skootr FinSave’ was developed after identifying the growing demand for financial services in the office segment. In the current real estate scenario, enterprises want to create a bespoke and productive work environment for their employees to thrive in without dealing with increased upfront costs.

Staying ahead of the curve, Skootr makes the first move to engage in fitout lease services with the aim to fulfill this demand in the managed office space segment. Skootr FinSave offers fitout as a service that allows end-users to enjoy premium fitout without owning them. Financing your fitout provides your business the opportunity to upgrade your workspace and allocate more finances to invest in your primary business activities.

With dry and wet leases, sale & leaseback of existing assets, and asset lifecycle solutions, Skootr FinSave lets consumers enjoy a number of benefits while minimizing their risks.

Tax benefits

Not only is securing a lease quicker than a bank loan, but it also has greater tax benefits. Leasing your office fitout offers lucrative tax benefits as payments are 100% tax-deductible. As a result, your business can decrease its expenses and allocate more resources in focal business operations.

Save on upfront costs

Payments are spread over several years which means you can afford office fitout that meets both current and future needs. No large upfront cost means capital is retained with the business, maintaining working capital that can be invested into other revenue-generating operations.

No compromise on quality

Skootr FinSave offers flexible payment terms which means your business can finance an office fitout without compromising on quality and specification while ensuring that your business achieves the optimum results and return on investment.  

Faster Upgrades

Lease financing allows you to design and customize your workspaces to create an efficient and productive work environment for employees without affecting your budget.

Choosing the right office furniture also results in increased productivity, employee wellbeing, and employee retention.

Releasing capital

Instead of investing all your resources into the office interior, leasing helps in releasing capital to be spent on other aspects of your business. This lets you invest in business growth and development.


Skootr Offices is carving a distinct niche in the commercial real estate sector by offering this unique combination of providing premium managed office solutions and inclusion of financial services along with it allowing us to offer one stop solutions to our clients.

As enterprises steer away from traditional office models, this revolutionary model will help large and mid-sized corporations to focus on their core business activities while we invest, build and operate their workspaces.

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