How Has Covid19 Ushered In The New Age Of Technology At Workspaces: SkootrOne App

June 6, 2021

‘Mater Artium Necessitas’.

In the past few weeks, ‘necessity’ in our diction has got a new lease on life. During the initial weeks, it became quite evident that the entire world was caught off-guard in this whirlwind of COVID-19. What came next was an equally disturbing knee-jerk reaction from companies and top minds of the world, as everyone was left scrambling for answers in different directions. With normalcy still far off, the economy on tenterhooks and widespread hysteria captivating the minds of employees –  a deep void or disconnect was felt across geography.

Tale of two opinions

The world we live in is united in pain but divided in opinions – bringing to life the immortal lines by Charles Dickens – “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” While many see the disruption, few see a window of opportunity. Puneet Chandra, Co-Founder and Director, Skootr had an interesting take at the start of this all –

“In the grand scheme of things, the recent outbreak has acted as a catalyst to bring about an evolution in the flexible workspace industry.”

Hope is a waking dream

The lockdown has been a slumber from which we’re all slowly waking up to a new-evolved reality. While we were working from home, attending webinars, reflecting on the pros and cons of new initiatives – a ‘new normal’ was being scripted behind the curtain. Technology, which earlier focussed on our convenience, readjusted its focal point to the necessity or need of the hour – automation. The result was SkootrOne app.

Only the innovative have seen the end of the crisis

Abhay Panjiyar, IT-Head at Skootr explains what brought about the inception of SkootrOne app:

“The idea behind SkootrOne app was to enable a single platform offering a plethora of value-added services and office management features to save on the time and effort which is otherwise involved in the execution of regular office management and associated requests.”

Innovation is knowing what not to fear

As people by degrees return to their workplaces, the growing concern about its readiness is not unfounded. As per the findings by FYI and MindMap Advance Research,

9 in 10 employees are stressed out about

returning to office post lockdown.

This makes us wonder, how prepared are our offices? The SkootrOne app aims to answer this very question. Ankit Jain, Co-Founder and Director, Skootr believes the app will become a one-stop-robust solution for all doubts and processes in the future to come.

“SkootrOne app offers our stakeholders an intelligent central office management platform with groundbreaking technology, making it easier to connect and share experiences & issues irrespective of geographical limitations.”

Innovation is the pursuit of the whole

The world is in a highly volatile state at the moment, where every new piece of information is becoming a sensation. A better grasp of the situation and anticipation of possible outcomes to better develop a robust response system should be a prerequisite for all technology.

The SkootrOne app features:

  • Highly encrypted data for safe and secure communication
  • Multiple CRM applications
  • Auto check-ins
  • Pre-booking of visitor’s parking
  • Touch-less entry
  • Complaint ticket raising system
  • Real-time tracking
  • Emergency panic button
  • Improved user interface
  • Quick redressal
  • Mapping of operational performance

Our new necessity is automation. It derives its existence from our courage to look beyond the pandemic. As Puneet Chandra aptly puts it,

“We think that our victory against COVID-19 depends heavily upon our readiness to evolve and accept the change.”

‘Mater Artium Necessitas’

Necessity is the mother of all inventions

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