How does your workspace impact your wellness and quality of life?

November 15, 2019

Meet Noel.

Noel is the President and Regional Head of one of the top multinational organisations based out of India.

A usual day in Noel’s life starts early, reaching his office by 9 am, having back-to-back meetings, client calls, follow-ups with his team, and delivering the entire work scheduled before the deadline. Usually, he has a very erratic schedule and doesn’t get enough personal time. His work day ends around 9 pm and by the time he reaches home after a long drive back, he is already exhausted. Too many things run on his mind. He would love to relax and spend some time in peace with nothing bothering him about work or the next day’s schedule. But, he often misses out on the peace factor which affects the following day as well. This goes on and on.

All work and no play

For most of us, the day-to-day life story is very similar to Noel’s routine. Even though the work is very rewarding, we miss out on embracing calmness and a state of relaxation. Directly or indirectly, it has its own impact on our minds and builds up a lot of stress within us. We think of ways to keep ourselves calm, by engaging in activities we like- doing yoga, meditation, doodling, or going out for walks, but for how long? We try to stay in the present moment, but our mind wanders to places, and thoughts of work or pressing deadlines distract us. We are never at peace.

Tired of all the stress and workload, people look for ways to adopt mindfulness and wellness at their workspace so that they feel eased out and happier in everyday work life.

What is wellness at work?

Wellness at work includes a diverse range of activities at work and the influence of dedicated spaces which aim to relax employees and uplift their mood, adding up to their happiness. It plays a vital role in reducing their stress and keeps them engaged. It makes more space for inspiration and creativity in their minds when they are delighted.

Mindfulness at work involves keeping your head free from worries by various means and the usage of spaces that help you feel relaxed and lower your stress.

Food for Thought

“Running a business with unhealthy and unhappy employees is like trying to drive a car with a bad engine. It may eventually get where you want to go, but the trip will be difficult and you’ll waste time and resources.”

It is a major concern for leaders today. They must pay close attention to the need of creating a healthy environment at workplace for improved wellness of employees. After all, the success of the company is dependent on the employees. If they are not happy at work, then the consequences may not be too favourable for long-term growth.

How does workspace influence wellness?

Modern day organisations pay more attention to wellness spaces and activities for their employees. Leaders are concerned about their teams being mindful while at work which helps them to be more productive and deliver the best results being stress-free.

Healthy workplaces lead to happiness at work and provide a balanced lifestyle for all employees. The workspaces today are designed in such a way to allow more natural lighting to enter the office, which keeps people more healthy and productive as per research.

The design and architecture are being highly influenced by wellness standards to focus on a healthy environment. The construction of relaxation pods where people can be comfortable in their own zone, yoga rooms and meditation programs, recharge rooms where they can sit back and chill, do anything they want by staying away from technology and their devices, etc.

Regular social gatherings help people be at ease, break the ice during their interactions, and engage in meaningful conversations. Often sessions are conducted to create awareness about healthy work practices and mindfulness, allowing employees to take a conscious look at their thought processes. They engage in mindful thinking practices which lower their work stress and make them happier.

Well-thought out spaces boost the enthusiasm of employees at work and they are not burdened with stress. The spaces specially dedicated for relaxation and unwinding are utilized by them for keeping their mind at ease. The wellness-focused activities also help them channelize their mind.

Skootr, one of the premium workspace providers in India, helps organizations to prioritize wellness as a part of their success strategy and builds happiness-infused offices for the overall healthy living and working of the employees. They focus on enriching the quality of life of people at work by creating workspaces that are holistic in nature, in turn boosting productivity.

Having a workspace driven by wellness and growth, every employee (including NOEL) steps out at day end with a relaxed, happy face. And there is nothing better one wishes for, after a hard day’s work- peace and pure bliss.

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