Future of Modern Workspaces

March 4, 2021

The year 2021 is already being touted as the year of hope. As work and life adapt to the new normal, the future looks plausible. The commercial real estate industry has gone through a metamorphosis of its own in the last year. New avenues discovered. New horizons explored.

According to industry experts, by the end of the second quarter, offices in India are expected to be fully operational. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown not only disrupted life but also work-life with WFH (Work From Home) becoming the new normal.

According to Forbes, during the lockdown, the number of work-from-home burnout cases went through the roof! At a time like this, reopening might inject the boost of motivation that people so dearly desire.

But before we swing open the doors of our offices, it is important to highlight this fact to the employees – that offices have evolved according to the new normal. So the next obvious question is –  what does the future of highly evolved workspaces look like?

Natural light and Biophilic design

A recent survey by HR advisory, the Future Workplace Employee Experience Study found 78% of employees say access to natural light and views improves their wellbeing and 70% report improved work performance.

Skootr’s recently designed workspaces in Hyderabad in My HomeTwitza and RMZ Futura create collaborative spaces that abound with natural elements and elegant interiors that inspire productivity and efficiency.

Biophilic design features access to views of nature, smart lighting systems, indoor plants and water elements not only provide a mental boost by improving air quality but can also help to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones.

Breakout Areas

Well-designed breakout areas with multipurpose sitting arrangements, coffee machines and natural elements can encourage people to be more active and mix up their work environment.

Skootr’s office at Dallas Center in the HITECH city is surrounded by elegant and exuberant interiors while optimizing the flexibility and functionality of modern minimalism. It allows employees to channel maximum productivity while reducing stress points.

Flexible spaces

Equipped with monarch workstations and SAP technology that offers real-time project tracking for enterprises, facilitates effective collaboration and tracking live facility management.

Skootr’s prime business centre at Infinity Tower and One Horizon Centre offers workspaces that suit the requirements of any growth-driven enterprises by creating a flexible and positive working environment.

The right palette

Collaborative and agile working spaces generally utilize brighter, more vibrant colours to inject energy and creativity while areas designed for concentration opt for softer, more muted tones.

Skootr’s Jaipur Centre offers a smartly configured workspace with the use of a neutral and energetic palette alike designed to promote productivity in a collaborative environment.


Burnout, and the consequences it reaps when unacknowledged, are detrimental to employee well-being and business performance. To battle this growing epidemic and create healthier work environments, companies need to enhance workspaces that can stimulate creativity and foster employee wellbeing. Creating a positive and stress-free work environment should be a top priority to achieve the growth and development of the company as well as of the employees.

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