Fit-out As a Service: What does it imply and why do you need it?

July 6, 2021

This article gets into the core idea behind the purpose of fit-outs and understanding how one may harness the best out of it. If you are thinking to lease new office space or shift to another location you will definitely be at an informed opinion at the end of this article.

Before proceeding further here is a simple understanding of what fit-outs generally mean.

Fit-out is the stage where you hire an organization or a professional to design your office space to make it suitable for occupation. This stage normally succeeds once the developer has done his needful. The developers generally build and complete the building and hand over space to a tenant or occupant. The fit-outs are then prepared by the tenant in accordance with the desires and preferences it pursues.

However, this is a complex process and it needs professionalism to bring out the best from the space matched to the preferences.

Fit-Out As A Service is a professional technicality offered to bring value and justice to the idea one desires to put in place bearing functionality and efficiency in mind.

If one is looking to build or customize an office space for commercial and work purposes Fit-Out As A Service carries the work envisioned to create the suitable workspace making the entire process from development to occupation complete and ready for use.

In general, the entire process is categorized into two stages. The first being the shell and core stages where the developer has made the overall layout including the lobbies, lift shafts, concrete and metal frame, etc which is handed over to the customer or occupant at a raw and unusable stage. The interior which is incomplete and uninstalled at the present stage ensues to the next and final stage which is the fit-outs where space is made usable, ready and functional. Fit-outs are generally considered as category A and category B.

Category A

Fit-outs are usually commissioned by the landlords and include the finishing of the interiors with all the basic and required working elements. Space is made functional but nothing occupies the workspace in this stage.

Category A fit-outs include Lighting, Air-conditioning, Toilets, Raised access flooring, Grid ceilings, Basic fire detection systems.

Category B

Fit-outs, which include the entire design of the workspace in accordance with the requirements of the clients. This is generally done keeping in mind themes such as the company identity, branding and theme highlighting the personality of the company and its workspace.

Category B fit-outs include everything from Partitions and doors, Floor finishes, Specialist lighting and facilities, Cafés, tea points and kitchen areas, Furniture to Branded material and décor.

Now that we are covered with what fit-outs are, let us go through some of the benefits that make fit-outs the best option for companies.


Managing offices could be a demanding task. From maintenance to upgrades, everything has to be carried out in a nuanced manner. Fit-out services take up these challenges altogether while planning and implementing and ensure the offices are installed with the latest technology in accordance with the requirements.


The workspace and furniture need to be properly managed in accordance with the culture, comfort and convenience. Fit-outs generally have designers who yarn all the requirements from the clients and craft the design and functionalities according to the budget and expectations.


A well-managed and customized fit-out brings the best out of office environments. A workplace that offers the space and the motivation to work efficiently is bound to optimize productivity.


Communication is integral to the functioning of any organization. A well-planned and integrated office with appropriate workstations offers quick and hassle-free communication which is essential for the smooth flow of work.


A properly crafted fit-out offers you the ideal brand identity as envisaged by the company that stands out as an acknowledgment of the services and values. This in turn helps in the image and reassures the trust of clients and employees.

Skootr Finsave’s Fit-Out As A Service provides end-to-end solutions for all its clients.

Lastly, operating under our novel Finsave provision, fit-out service and management benefits clients in cost-effectiveness ensuring thorough management of assets and service costs being covered in one single routine payment, which is hassle-free and easy in doing business. This in turn has helped businesses to deviate away from managing offices and spending unnecessary energy and money while doing away with unyielding assets. Driven by the motto, “You focus on your growth, while we take care of the rest”, Skootr Finsave services have heralded a new way for customers for leveraging profits via office management. Let us take you through some of the services offered:

  1. New Fit-out Investment and Management – We invest in client’s fit-outs and offer flexible rentals which directly help clients to reduce avoidable expenditures through low taxes and lighter balance sheets thereby increasing financial ratios.
  2. Sale and leaseback existing assets – We buy the currently owned offices and lease them as managed offices in order to have direct cash injections benefiting the office in taking over the depreciating assets without displacement from the existing office.
  3. Asset lifecycle solutions – Focuses on maximizing returns and minimizing risks through leveraging the end-of-term disposal for various asset classes.


Fit-outs entail professional planning, design, and management of workspaces which makes the office-going experience enhanced and suitable for the best utility of resources and augmented returns.

Fit-Out As A Service looks after the management of offices reducing the inconvenience for organizations to look into the same area while helping them to focus on their core business solutions.

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