Benefits of a Hybrid Workplace: Explained

August 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic completely altered how organizations functioned. With work from home being implemented to contain the coronavirus outbreak, more enterprises continue to navigate the shift to office models.

The demand for pre-built offices, lease flexibility, advanced technology, and superior infrastructure will continue to increase.  

The Corporate real estate market in India is evolving and therefore the dynamics of the industry are changing rapidly post-pandemic. Corporate occupiers are now re-evaluating their investment in fixed real estate assets. One of the ways of doing so is exploring flexible and cost-efficient workplace solutions while complying with today’s social and safety needs.

As per the McKinsey research, more than 52% of employees said they would like their organization to adopt more flexible hybrid work models. The hybrid workplace model lets employees create a balance between in-office and at-home work operations. Teams are free to use their workspaces as often as they prefer while finishing the rest of their tasks by working from home.

This arrangement is highly beneficial for the corporate world and here are a few reasons why.

Lower Operation Costs

Hybrid workplaces are a boon for companies’ finance as they save tons of money on daily commuting and buying physical offices. Instead, they can lease shared working spaces that are well-managed and pay much less for services that are just as good if not better.

Effective Cross-Collaboration

A downside of an absolute remote work model is miscommunication. Having every interaction through video calls can hamper the understanding between teammates and in turn, the quality of work.

Hybrid workplaces let you switch between on-site and remote meetings seamlessly to boost the performance of the team. The flexibility aids the back and forth of ideas between various departments in an establishment. Closing deals with other companies become easier as well because you can build up an offer on-call and have a concrete work arrangement to build more trust.

Higher Productivity

Hybrid workplaces allow the best of both worlds as you can allocate projects based on the working style of different team members. People that work the best when not micromanaged can enjoy the freedom of working from home more and showing up to the office comparatively less whereas others who thrive under the classic corporate settings can spend more time at the workplace.

Employee Satisfaction

A company’s employees are indispensable to its growth. Keeping the right talent loyal to your firm is just as essential as finding it. Hybrid workplaces make working a lot more enjoyable for everybody involved. You get to build a connection with your teammates but also enjoy the freedom that comes with working at home. The money people save from reduced commuting is always welcome too. This aids the company culture and brand image.


Along with elite office management, hybrid workplaces also require a sturdy IT infrastructure. Due to an extension in work habits, keeping business operations on track requires a competent team. So save up on your maintenance costs while Skootr uses its resources to help you scale and grow your business holistically under a new work model. We seamlessly fulfil every operational need to keep you at par with the changing times.

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