8 common mistakes companies make when choosing office space

November 12, 2018

For most companies, office space is one of the major expenses. It’s also an area where it’s easy to find yourself overstretched in terms of budget.

Wrong decisions in selecting an office space not only ends up making a huge dent in finances, but your employees’ morale and productivity might take a hit as well.

That said, here are 8 mistakes that companies often make when it comes to choosing office space.

Trying to do everything in-house

Many companies try to keep their overheads as low as possible by doing everything — from interior design to office furniture to administration and even maintenance — on their own. However, the costs, resources, and time associated with doing everything in-house often add up to more than expected.

Instead, hiring a managed office operator can give you access to a broad suite of services including design, furniture, electricity, broadband as well as administrative, maintenance, and cleaning staff, on an as-needed basis while keeping costs very reasonable. Real-Estate as an outsourced service is the new trend.

Underestimating the importance of design

Globally, the trend towards creative office space is driving the millennial workforce to enhance their productivity and the company’s profits in turn.

Therefore, not thinking about design and aesthetics is no longer an option — especially if you want to keep your employees happy and productive.

Limiting your office space idea to workstations or desk space

Employees spend some of their best years of life in the office therefore customizable features should be the highlight.

Office improvement techniques such as ergonomic designs, cafeteria set-up, relaxation or lounging areas, green spaces, huddle points, napping pods, etc. should be a possibility in the chosen office space.

Not keeping a provision for scaling up and down

While choosing an office space, always keep in mind the growth graph of the business. There should be provisions for future expansions, and similarly, bail out options in case of downsizing or relocating.

Office spaces shouldn’t be dead-end areas without scope or plausibility for expanding operations.

Signing an inflexible agreement

One of the most common mistakes that companies in the arena of deciding office spaces make is getting tied into long-term, rigid office leases.

Managed office models like those by Skootr provide and arrange leases that give companies flexibility and freedom in space usage.

This can never be achieved by conventional property leases.

Being swayed by price alone to agree on a lease.

Price should not be the sole deciding factor while making leasing decisions and certainly not at the cost of sacrificing the company’s agility.

Since, the cost is a critical factor for most companies it makes sense for them to consider office space players like Skootr who come with complete administrative, infrastructural, and technical support thereby providing value for money.

Not negotiating terms and conditions.

A part of your business will always remain susceptible to changes and cannot be planned ahead. Hence, the terms and conditions of leases and other associated particulars of your chosen office space should reflect that. Make sure to negotiate and convert terms to your convenience.

Neglecting facilities in and around the office premise

Location, commuting and transportation, amenities and resources, green spaces, etc., are all essential factors when choosing an office space. Remember, your office location can be a huge recruiting advantage.

Potential employees inevitably think about commute time, connectivity, and nearby facilities when considering a job offer.

A centrally located office can be a big draw for top talent, while you could easily lose these employees to other jobs because of a better location.

Bypass these mistakes with Skootr

Things can go wrong in a lot of ways, but knowing what pitfalls to avoid always helps to focus.

There are multiple variables and too many clauses to consider—with Skootr you are in professional hands and sure to avoid these common mistakes companies often make while choosing an office space.

Skootr not only helps you choose the right fit of office space but also offers to take care of all related management. All you need to do is come and work!

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