6 Ways in Which Co-Working Spaces Trump Traditional Offices

August 31, 2018

The future of work is the managed office space and co-working space. Co-working spaces provide an all-in-one facility for all kinds of businesses. Even if you’re looking to cut investment costs on your lease, an open office setup and managed offices offer many advantages over traditional set-ups. They save you the effort of setting up an office from scratch and offer a multitude of amenities and services that you can opt for.

A survey of employees in the Mobility Initiative at IBM revealed that 87% believe their productivity and effectiveness on the job increased in a co-working space.

Here are 6 ways in how co-working spaces trump the traditional set-up:

  1. Interesting office spaces with modern layouts

The modern workplace doesn’t believe in cubicles. Most start-ups and businesses today prefer alternate layouts for their office.

By providing open spaces where employees can interact and mingle, they feel more connected to their peers and more associated and involved in their workspace. Breakout rooms and gaming zones help employees break the ice and also rejuvenate them.

  1. Pay as you grow

The best advantage of a co-working space is the one-time investment. You pay monthly or quarterly instead of signing a lease for many years. This allows your company to pay as you grow and doesn’t restrict you to one office space.

As you grow, you can increase your office space or change your layout without any hassles or large investment.

  1. Quick and easy to set up

Unlike traditional office spaces, there is no down time while moving to a co-working space. Co-working spaces are up and running for your use, fully equipped with furniture and design, Wi-Fi, cafeterias and much more.

Moreover, you don’t have to wait days for phone and Internet companies to set up services, or spend weeks looking for the right furniture and aesthetics.

  1. No long term commitment

When a traditional office is set up, the lease is usually for 3 to 5 years. In today’s business environment, such a long term investment can hinder the goals of a company that is just starting out. With co-working office spaces, this burden diminishes and you also cut down on establishment costs.

Co-working offices are let out on a rolling basis, which means you pay at the end of the month or quarter. This gives companies a lot of freedom and flexibility.

  1. Unique features as you need them

Co-working spaces conceptualise open spaces for interaction or to take a breather from work. Breakout spaces are essential for an energized and creative workplace.

Managed spaces also offer gaming zones, relaxation hubs and sleeping pods. You can request and customise features according to your requirements. You also have access to high tech equipment and trained staff.

  1. Co-working spaces are the future

Isolation and alienation is a major reason for employees leaving jobs and having reduced efficiency. When employees feel happier and more connected in their workspace their overall well-being improves as does their productivity.

Co-working spaces offer an atmosphere where there’s lesser isolation and alienation. Employees are more connected, interact better and co-exist as a community. All in all, with managed offices and co-working spaces, you don’t need to focus on the irrelevant. Co-working spaces like Skootr manage the office, take care of all the infrastructure and foot the overheads. We invest in the ambience of your office while you and your employees can focus on the work and productivity.

The future of work is changing faster than ever before. If you want to keep up as an employer or company, you should think about adapting quickly too!

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