How managed office spaces are helping improve happiness and productivity at work

August 29, 2018

Good businesses know that there is more to productivity than the employee’s salary or longer, regimented working hours. The happiest workers are the ones that are most efficient.

We spend more than half of our days, and effectively one-third of our lives at our workplace. Studies have shown that managed office spaces and customized offices offer a plethora of advantages over traditional set-ups. This is because our work environment influences our well-being, and our well-being, in turn, affects our productivity.

Better workspaces, happier employees

A study done by CMI Workplace shows how better-designed workspaces can make employees up to 33% happier. People also thrive in managed office spaces as they offer them more opportunities to network and interact across sectors and also offer spaces for relaxation and leisure.

The managed office spaces and customized offices offered by Skootr, for instance, are designed to accommodate high-tech napping pods, recliners, couches, and even foot and calf massagers.

When employees can take that quick nap or just take some time away from the work zone, they reduce stress and fatigue. Such an office allows them space to refresh themselves in the middle of the day so that they return to their stations more motivated and relaxed.

Shawn Anchor, author of the book The Happiness Advantage analysed over 200 scientific cases on happiness. He concludes that happy employees display higher levels of productivity and higher sales, perform better as leaders, and receive better ratings and pay. They are less likely to take sick days, to burn out, or to quit.

A managed office still leaves room for customisation

If you are a small start-up or a large MNC looking for the managed office space, you can find an office to suit your needs at Skootr. What’s more, you can then customise your space or station according to your requirements such as connected desks for small teams or a different layout for bigger teams.

You will be working in the work zones, meeting rooms, and other specialised areas customized according to your employee needs, business requirements, and infrastructure designs.

You can also customise your work-desks according to your work ethic and larger philosophy – does your teamwork well sitting together, or are you looking for a departure from the cubicle work life?

Managed office spaces offer opportunities for team-building and collaboration

Happy workers are more productive, more creative and actually like coming to work and contributing. Feeling welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable helps people to do their best work. What’s more, they are more open to working with others and co-creating. And that’s one of the biggest design advantages of a managed office space.

Skootr has gaming zones that can help team building or prove to be a good distraction so that employees can return to their work rejuvenated. This also helps in team interactions, making employees happier, more comfortable around each other and more productive. They’ll also be more motivated to work well.

Reduce cost overheads while boosting innovation

Whether you are a small team, a growing start-up or a big enterprise, Skootr offers office spaces designed just for you. In addition to a hassle-free workspace, managed offices such as Skootr offer office cleaning services, Wi-Fi, coffee shops, cafeterias as well as ergonomic and modern furniture. You don’t need to undertake the management and cost of the overheads, but you do get to use them!

Managed offices and customized offices today are offering a critical service — the right environment for innovation to thrive, at an affordable cost. With the right balance of design aesthetics, comfort and office essentials taken care of, individuals and teams can work distraction-free and do their bit for the world!

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