All you need to know about Agile Workspaces

November 18, 2019

“AGILE is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries.”

When someone first mentions the word AGILE, what flashes through our mind is a Project Management technique. We might picture a group of people in an organisation carrying out an important project which is divided into separate tasks and involves a high degree of flexibility.

Agile methodology has gone beyond the age-old practices of having slow and rigid workflow and has proven to do wonders by giving impactful results to modern organisations. Ever since companies across the globe have started adopting this technique in their day to day operations.

When it is so beneficial, the curious mind asks a question-

Should AGILITY be restricted only to the way of doing things and handling projects in an organisation? Can this magic potion be used in every sector of the economy to reap benefits from the flexible model?

Taking this into serious consideration, one of the most significant sectors of the international market- Real Estate, grabbed the opportunity to adopt the AGILE methodology and then used it with the modern-day development of workspaces around the world.

Believe it or not, the results they got are surprising!

But what is AGILE Real Estate?

Having clarity of what agile real estate is can tell us more about how agile real estate can do wonders to workspaces to boost productivity and maximize results.

Agile real estate means implementing the principles of Agile methodology in the real estate sector, specially in the commercial workspaces. In this case, the real estate model is highly flexible so that businesses can leverage their workspaces according to their changing needs for the maximum benefit in monetary and operational terms. The functionality of the workspace increases manifold and goes beyond just being brick and mortar.

In general, if we speak about workspaces, making the first move in the commercial real estate world is likely to be a major business decision. But with the Agile factor coming in, it has become easier for businesses to get hassle-free office spaces for smooth functioning. The flexibility lies not just in the selection of workspace, but it also pertains to the long term operations.

Agile Workspaces- How Flexible are they?

Flexibility playing the pivotal role in agile workspaces, the leaders are able to steer their growth just the way they want to. Here are three major ways in which Agile workspaces provide them with ease and convenience.

  • Flexibility of Costs–  Agile offices will NEVER burn a hole in your pocket. With easy and flexible payment options and zero capital expenditure involved, you can utilize your funds in your dream projects, rather than in the real estate. You pay just for space you use and not get stuck in long term lease troubles. One of the top agile workspace providers, Skootr custom builds your dream workspace keeping your budget and convenience in mind. The bonus value addition you get is the immense freedom and a high degree of financial flexibility.

  • Flexibility of Operations– With flexibility, comes the power of choice. You get to choose how your workspace should look like and what amenities should be used which align with your brand and core values. The workspace operators make sure that you do not have to worry about day-to-day functioning and can focus better on your prime business needs. Everything else, including technical support, food and beverages, concierge, staff support, service handling is taken care of. Such flexible operations in an agile workspace allow you more freedom of using the resources just the way you want to, with zero-hassles involved.

  • Flexibility of Space– Having agile workspaces allows companies to make the most of the space they have. Also, they do not have to pay extra for any space they have unutilized. When the team size grows, the flexible office spaces are able to easily accommodate the new employees and even if there is a need to shrink the space requirement, it is doable without any extra efforts. This makes the entire workspace very functional and convenient for the businesses and they can very well adapt their portfolio with their future requirements.

The agile workspaces also have open areas and access to productive spaces such as lounges, silent zones, yoga rooms, large meeting rooms and conference areas, thinking pods, phone booths, etc. which the employees can use for higher functionality. This framework makes any given workday highly productive for them and the use of spaces at their convenience adds up to an enhanced workspace experience.

Agile workspaces are not just the future of the real estate, they have already started shaping the workspace scenario of the modern world. Businesses are being largely benefited by the ease and flexibility of such offices which have multiplied their growth and strengthened their financial portfolio.

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