10 reasons to choose a Co-working Space as your Office

December 8, 2017

So, you have decided to set up your own office. Congratulations. Now you have the tedious task of finding a cost effective office space, lease it, furnish it, set up internet & telephone, find security guards and spend a whole lot of money. Or you can choose to move efficiently into a Co-working Office Space, which offers you a whole host of benefits.

Check out these 10 reasons why you should chose a Co-working space than a traditional office space:

1. No Investment to Move in

Before we talk about any other reasons, let’s look at the single most risky part of setting up an office. You have to make large Investments in Lease, Furniture, Interiors and so on. With limited funds, you are hard pressed to figure out if it’s really worth it.

With a co-working space, you don’t need to invest your precious funds in these things. Most Co-working spaces offer you space with just a couple of month’s deposit and no other investment. In return, you get a beautifully furnished ready to move in office with all amenities & utilities.

2. Low Monthly Costs

Have you calculated the monthly costs that an Office space demands? You have to pay not just the rent, but also an equal amount on Support services and utilities. Luckily for you, when you move into a co-working space, all these costs are included in the Monthly Fees.

3. Ready to Move in, get started quickly

Unlike the long set up time of a traditional office, the time gap between the day you decide to start your office and the day you actually start can never be less than a day, if you are planning to move into a co-working space. Due to readily available infrastructure, you can start working from day one.

4. Distraction Free Focused Work Environment

Considering your CAPEX & OPEX are the Co-working space manager’s responsibility, you save yourself from small and silly distractions. Starting from “is there a shut down in our area” or “did I lock the main door before leaving” to “I need to pay those internet bills before its disconnected”, in a Co-working space, you don’t hear yourself saying any of these. Your focus on your work is precious and it’s better respected in a Co-working space.

5. Flexibility of expanding your Team

There is no restriction on increasing number of seats in a Co-working Office unlike conventional offices, where due to the limited size of the leased area, team expansion becomes difficult. Most Co-Working spaces have flexible plans where you can expand or reduce the number of seats when you want to. This is especially useful in early stage businesses which experience ups & downs periodically.

6. Collaborative Atmosphere

In a Traditional office, you see people of the same company, continuously adding to too much familiarity or office politics, boredom or negativity. There is always a self-centered behavioral pattern among employees in a closed environment. But in a Co-working space, by default people work with a giving and sharing attitude. The synergy that can happen due to such collaborative atmosphere keeps your employees motivated.

More than the employees, you need motivation and encouragement too. With a community of ventures all around you, Founders get to meet or witness peers operating next door, facing challenges, growth or sometimes slip falls.

7. Low cost Support Services

If there’s any service that a start-up could utilize instead of directly involving in its hassles, then they should definitely consider it. Because the point is not whether you are capable of solving complicated situations! Point is, whether you can put your time wisely into what you should be doing, vis-a-vis what can be conveniently outsourced. Many Co-working offices have tie ups with various consultants such as Marketing Agencies, Legal Advisors, Payroll, Chartered Accountants, etc, who are not just specialists in start up operations, but also facilitate such services on discounted rate.

8. Benefit from Community Events & Ecosystem

Usually, Co-working offices provide space for start-up related events and it makes more sense too. Investors, VCs or other entrepreneurs might prefer holding their events in a Co-working space to avoid lavish expenses. Community get-togethers are a great way to feel alive and happening!

Co-working Spaces usually make a special effort to keep the ecosystem connected by announcing all nearby events or sessions to its members. So, you’re not just in touch with the ecosystem and can benefit from the opportunities offered.

9. Flexible Access to your Office

Traditional Offices are not just under its landlords control but also under the building management. Main entry access is denied in many commercial buildings during public holidays and Sundays. Whereas, Co-working space companies understand a start up’s seamless working pattern and customer demands and usually offer 24 X 7 X 365 access to your office.

10. Premium Brand Imagery

You’ll have to invest heavily in office interiors & infrastructure, if premium office looks & facilities are relevant to your business and your target customers. Now, that’s a big advantage with a full-fledged Co-working space, which are not only located in premium business locations in swanky glass buildings, and offer a beautifully inviting front office area, well equipped conference room, cafeteria, and even training rooms. Guess what, you create a corporate image at zero cost.

So what are you waiting for, check out these amazing co-working office spaces that are on offer by Skootr and kick start your business today.

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